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What is a foam roller and why do I need it for my workouts?

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You may or not be familiar with the foam roller, an unassuming but integral piece of gym equipment that can relax, restore and energise tight muscles in your body.

It can be found in almost every gym around the world, but it’s important to understand how effective this small and mighty product can be.

Our very own GatorTail foam roller is already trusted by gyms at the MOD, Dyson, Tri-Yoga, Third Space, Xtend Barre, Beaverbrook and Lanserhof at The Arts Club, who support our new generation and design-protected RepTail products.

So, let’s start with the basics, and explain exactly what a foam roller is.

What is a foam roller?

A foam roller is a padded piece of equipment that aids in the application of pressure to your fascia, a connective tissue that layers your muscles.

Just like other therapeutic devices, foam rollers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, surface textures and densities. By rolling out, you break down developed scar tissue and increase blood flow into muscles.

Now, let’s dive into some of the top reasons a foam roller can act as the perfect workout tool.

1. It improves your range of motion and mobility

Without effective muscle recovery, the muscles and fascia can become shortened, causing muscular trigger points, also known as knots.

If you want to keep training, you have to take care of your biomechanics. Regularly rolling out with a foam roller releases those trigger points to improve your movement and range.

2. It’s portable and lighter than air

Foam rollers are ideal for those with busy lifestyles. They’re designed to be used regularly to help your body heal and feel better right away.

You only need one foam roller for your whole body, so it’s the perfect portable massage tool.

3. It allows you to heal after an injury

Not only can effective foam rolling prevent injuries from occurring, but it can also help speed along the healing process after an injury.

While it’s not a magic bullet for injury recovery, it does allow you to relax tight muscles.

Rolling out connective tissue helps alleviate restrictions and adhesions in the fascia, restore balance, and improve blood and lymphatic circulation to increase suppleness.

4. It enhances muscle performance

With increased mobility and range of motion, your muscles can perform better in your workouts, allowing you to increase power and strength.

Rolling out regularly offers ready relief for areas that remain stubborn, releasing the tight muscles around your joints to create space in between your vertebrae.

How-to videos 

We want to encourage a series of well-being rituals whilst you are exercising to focus on yourself in a smart, effective way. 

So, we have created authentic products for an authentic audience that work alongside a series of know-how videos to get the most out of the products, wherever you are. You can check these videos out over on our blog

Speed up your recovery with RepTail

At RepTail HQ, we have reinvented the foam roller.

Our original GatorTail foam roller is the longest portable roller available. At 45 x 15cm, it’s easy to grip, giving optimum performance. This also enables it to target large areas of your body at one time, such as your back and legs.

We’re delighted that the full range of our RepTail products; the GatorTail foam roller, Armadillo massage ball and Cobra resistance bands are available to buy from the second floor in Harrods. Go check them out now! 

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