Our Sustainability Strategy has Three Key Pillars.


Adapt Naturally

Early life has shown us that the reptile’s secret to surviving over 66 million years, was in its ability to adapt to a changing environment.

With a reptilian brain of our own, survival is a natural human instinct. So, whether your world is in the office, on a tennis court, gym, a pilates studio or at home, RepTail can help you to get the relief and recovery your body needs.

We are a brand of our time.

At RepTail, we look to the past for inspiration to protect your body now and to plan for the future by keeping our planet healthy.

We can’t promise to help you live forever but can help you enjoy doing what you love, for longer.


Protect Your Body

At RepTail, we're committed to promoting natural health and well-being through our products. Our approach includes:

• Sourcing materials from a sustainable & natural source that are safe for both customers and the environment.

• Developing products that empower the individual to detoxify their bodies from daily stress and strengthen their bodies in their own space, in their own time, to support a balanced, active lifestyle for our community.

• Investing in research to create easy to use product designs that enhance physical comfort. We believe you are more likely to use a product the more comfortable it is.

• We keep our wellness practices focused on using your bodyweight for the most natural tension-relieving results and avoid the use of electrically charged devices.


Protect Our Planet

Our dedication to the Earth is unwavering, as we strive for eco-conscious operations:

• Creating products that are completely free of batteries and electricity.

• Using sustainable materials that support the conservation of natural resources.

• Creating a carbon neutral shopping experience. By partnering with eco-conscious organisations, every purchase you make helps fund carbon offset projects to support reforestation and environmental protection. Learn more here about some of the initiatives our partners have invested in

See Our Climate Commitment.

• Carbon neutral shipping on all orders. We evaluate our supply chain to optimise reduced emissions and energy efficiency. All of our products from this website are delivered to you by our partners in electric vehicles where possible.


Raise Awareness of How to Protect both People & Planet

Awareness is the key to driving change. Our initiatives include:

• Collaborating with experts to bring the latest sustainability research to our customers.

• Creating online content that raises awareness about the impact of consumer choices & providing a series of wellness videos of how we can optimise our body performance without compromising our planet.

• Encouraging community involvement by engaging in a light-hearted way to promote simple, healthy stress-releasing practices for on-the-go body relief. Most of us aren’t scientists so we aim in to communicate the benefits of our products in a down to earth way to help you get fitter, faster.


We’re on an Ongoing Journey of Improvement and Learning.

While we acknowledge we aren’t perfect, we are committed to iterating and improving our practices to ensure we're contributing positively to both people and the planet.


We believe that preserving the health of both people & our beautiful planet is our greatest legacy.

We protect that legacy & keep both healthier for longer by creating powerful products that optimise body performance naturally & by preserving our resources.

Our mission is to create as many friends to the planet as we can by growing our community. By joining us, your journey towards wellness with RepTail is also a step towards a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Working together, we can thrive anywhere.