Release tension
Boost movement
Accelerate recovery

GatorTail Foam Roller

The ultimate weapon in sports performance and recovery.


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The Ultimate in Pressure Point Muscle Relief

The Gator Tail is the new extra long luxury deep tissue massage foam roller that has been created to give you the ultimate in pressure point muscle relief.

Benefits of using the GatorTail Foam Roller

Recovery Faster
from an Injury

Boost Your Body & Mind
for Peak Performance

Restore Your Posture

Release Body
Tension & Re-Energise

Maintain Fitness
Around Your Lifestyle

Super High Density Constructed Core

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Best roller I’ve ever used.
Hd issues with tight flutes and back pain from running and always had a cheap roller.since investing and using this roller pain has relieved - highly recommend
— James R, UK
Customer reviews
Good hardness with just a bit of give. I like the fact that it is the same surface all over, rather than rolling from hard to soft areas and having to reposition yourself. High quality roller. Recommended.
— Goran P, UK

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