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Our luxury foam roller products are now stocked in Harrods!

Our luxury foam roller products are now stocked in Harrods!

We’re delighted that the full range of our RepTail products; the GatorTail foam roller, Armadillo massage ball and Cobra resistance bands are available to buy from the second floor in Harrods.

This adds to a long list of trusted gyms at the MOD, Dyson, Tri-Yoga, Third Space, Xtend Barre, Beaverbrook and Lanserhof at The Arts Club, who support our new generation and design-protected RepTail products. 

In addition, we’re delighted that our RepTail Autumn collection (which will also be available in Harrods) will extend its range to men. More details to be available shortly. 

Our products are in a league of their own in accelerating performance, recovery and preventing injury, acting as the perfect sidekick to your workouts. 

Here’s a little run-down of what you can expect from each of them.

GatorTail foam roller

The original GatorTail foam roller has 360-degree coverage of premium firm ridges that resemble alligator skin. With effective use, it delivers a luxury deep-tissue massage to support your workouts.

You can view a series of 6 ‘how-to’ exercise routines for the foam roller over on our blog.  

Here are the top benefits of our foam roller:

  • Prepares you for a tough workout
  • Prevents pain and injury
  • Improves your flexibility
  • Strengthens your posture
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Boosts your immune system

Fun fact: the brand's name, ‘RepTail’ was inspired by how an alligator uses its tail to survive, moving away from its predators and towards its prey. The tail is the alligators secret to survival. Similarly, the RepTail products will prepare your body for a workout so you can move away from injury and towards optimal performance in your chosen sport or wellness activity. 

Get your very own luxury deep tissue massage foam roller here

Armadillo massage ball

Our highly portable Armadillo massage ball is the perfect addition to the family of our RepTail wellness products. 

Being the size and shape of an apple, the massage ball concentrates the force at the top of its curve and can create an even more intense pressure that zero’s in on sore ‘trigger points’.

The increase in circulation of tight muscles results in greater flexibility, helping your body to perform better and to recover faster. For the best outcome, we recommend you use it before or after every workout.

If you want to get more from your workouts and recover faster, click here to buy your own Armadillo luxury massage ball. 

Cobra resistance bands

Our Cobra resistance bands come in a pack of four and can be used across all fitness levels. Each band offers different strengths (tough, tougher, toughest), with the progression of resistance enabling a safe workout for your muscles.

Made from premium latex, they provide perfect elasticity to stabilise muscles and regain strength from injuries.

If you want an effective and safe workout for your muscles, buy one of our Cobra resistance bands here

The RepTail mission

At RepTail HQ, we’re passionate about ensuring you get the best out of your workouts.

Our philosophy is that we need to invest in rest, recovery and re-energise our bodies to be our best selves and have a little fun at the same time.

By demystifying the best-kept secret in the professional sports world – ‘foam rolling’ – RepTail can enable everyone – pro or amateur – to enjoy the full benefits by including myofascial release into their lifestyle and get fitter, faster

Come get the tools to accelerate performance and recovery from one of the most prestigious department stores in the world!

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