5 Reasons why the GatorTail is better than any other foam roller

5 Reasons why the GatorTail is better than any other foam roller

Described by Annabel Rivkin in the Evening Standard as the “new generation foam roller” she emphasises the GatorTail is “a very different experience from those dastardly painful traditional gym rollers that people try to persuade you to stretch on”. And their team of personal trainers tell us that most fitness fans who test it are instantly converted. The GatorTail was developed by an expert team of sports masseurs, trainers and athletes to give you the ultimate weapon in sports performance and recovery. And boy do you notice the difference!  Whether you run, swim or dance it’s time to add the GatorTail into your exercise routine. 


Here are 5 reasons why the GatorTail is promoted by trainers:


1.The GatorTail is stronger than your average foam roller

Unlike other foam rollers the GatorTail has a backbone meaning that it won’t over-compress and delivers a deep and consistent massage to every nook and cranny of your muscles. This also enables it to be used by both beginners and advanced level fitness fanatics.


2.It has tough, ridged skin

It’s made with a carefully calculated complete 360-degree hide of skin that’s made of deep and firm ridges to reach into your muscles, triggering the correct pressure points to help make them strong.


3.It is the longest out there

It’s the longest portable foam roller on the market, meaning you can target large areas of your body at one time, such as your back and legs.


4.The GatorTail is portable and lightweight

It’s a foam roller created for those with busy lifestyles who like to workout wherever they are in the world.  It’s lightweight and has the added bonus of coming with it’s own nifty bag to help you carry it.


5.It gives you access to the GatorTail community

Once you have bought a GatorTail roller you can access videos online to help with exercises and supplementing your workout.  Developed by personal trainers there’s an online community to support and encourage you with your routine.



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