9 easy ways the GatorTail can get you in shape for 2019

9 easy ways the GatorTail can get you in shape for 2019

Rewind five years and the uncomfortable act of foam rolling was relatively unknown; a well-kept secret used only by the sporting elite. Today it has exploded onto the fitness scene, a routine promoted by athletes, personal trainers and gyms across the country, one for anyone who enjoys exercise and simply wants to get the best out of their workout.  From cyclists and runners to yogis and dancers the benefits of foam rolling are now accessible to all.  But what is it exactly and how does it help get you in shape?

Foam rolling is otherwise known as self-myofascial release, a form of deep tissue massage that loosens adhesions - where muscles and fascia can become stuck to each other in places they shouldn’t - which would otherwise result in stiffness and pain.  By continually massaging areas of the body with a foam roller blood flow is increased, helping with muscle fatigue and increasing flexibility.   


Here are 9 simple ways that a GatorTail roller can help get you in shape:


1. By preparing you for a tough workout

By using a GatorTail pre-exercise the hard, firm ridges encourage blood flow around your muscles, preparing them for your session ahead so they can work harder for longer.


2. By speeding up your recovery

Rolling after exercise increases blood flow to the myotendinous junction, the place where the muscle and tendon connect, helping to relieve tenderness and speed up recovery.  Allowing you to stick to your training schedule.


3. By preventing pain and injury

The increase in blood flow improves circulation and prevents muscles and fascia from becoming stuck to each other in places they shouldn’t, eliminating any stiffness and pain.


4. By improving your flexibility

Improving the tension between your muscles and fascia ultimately boosts your flexibility and helps generate longer leaner muscles.


5. By improving your mobility

It has been proven that deep tissue massage helps improve the nervous system, ultimately improving the ability for the muscle to be stretched.


6. By strengthening your posture

Our digital lifestyle - in which we’re hunched over our phones and laptops all day long - can create problems for our back and overall posture. Using the GatorTail on your back releases the tight muscles around your joints and creates space in between your vertebrae.


7. By boosting your immune system

The GatorTail allows for proper detoxification and lymphatic drainage by releasing tight fascia, having a positive impact on your immune system and overall wellbeing.


8. By improving your overall circulation

The increase in blood flow that the GatorTail stimulates, supplies more oxygen and nutrients to recovering muscles and assists with metabolic waste product removal.


9. By helping your mental wellbeing

Using the GatorTail not only boosts endorphins but physiotherapists report that it aids the body’s parasympathetic tone, otherwise known as the ‘rest and digest’ system, helping you to unwind.

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