How the GatorTail changed the way I work out for good

How the GatorTail changed the way I work out for good

Being a regular runner I was used to tight calves and hamstrings, I thought this was just part of the whole running package, along with the occasional niggle in my lower back. It wasn’t until I started training for my first marathon and the stiffness escalated that I realised it perhaps wasn’t the norm.  With shooting pains up the inside of my knees I wasn’t able to run for longer than a couple of miles at a time. Run a whole marathon? I didn’t stand a chance!

I caught up with a physio who taught me the importance of myofascial release, otherwise known as a deep tissue massage. He mentioned this would help prevent the muscles and fascia around my bones from getting stuck together and causing me pain and stiffness.  And this was how I was introduced to the GatorTail foam roller. 

I began to use this stiff-ridged beast every day as part of my training routine. I was informed by my physio it was tougher than the average foam roller you find in the gym and my god I felt it!  By rolling back and forward along my calves, quads, hamstrings, back, and upper arms I gave my whole body a deep-tissue massage. Of course, there were points of intense pain, in particular at points along my calves, but I was encouraged by my physio to stop on these ‘trigger points’ and work them out.

I found that the results were almost immediate.  After a couple of weeks of using the GatorTail religiously, on a daily basis in fact, I began to notice the difference.  The trigger points became less painful - after eighteen months of rolling I now hardly notice them - and the pain in my knees subsided. The success of the story is...I have been able to run two marathons! The results speak for themselves and I would encourage anyone who enjoys exercise to build foam rolling into their exercise routine.




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