Boost your performance with foam rollers

Boost your performance with foam rollers

Sports people and professional athletes have been using foam rollers as part of their competition preparation and recovery for many years. Sports therapists have been using them going back as far as 1987 but it’s only recently that they have exploded onto the fitness scene with any magnitude. Foam rollers are great as both an exercise tool and self-massage. They were primarily invented for massage of muscles pre and post training. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike can see their performance enhanced with the use of a good foam roller such as the GatorTail, which offers superior deep tissue massage again and again without falling apart. These rollers are tougher than old boots so they aren’t going to crumble or give up on you and can take a whopping 270kg of pressure.


Can I really boost my performance with massage?

In a word: yes! Foam rollers massage both the muscle and tissue in order to loosen them and improve elasticity and extensibility. Improving the elasticity of the muscle tissue allows it to stretch further and contract back into place quickly. You’ll probably see a rapid improvement in your performance because of this In effect or your muscles will be able to work harder and for longer and they’ll be far less prone to muscle tears or strains. Regularly using a foam roller is also going to train your muscles to be ready for exercise quickly so you can dive straight into your workout. Since none of have enough time to fit in all we’d like this is a real-world benefit.

 Incorporating the use of foam rollers into your fitness regime can improve the extensibility of the tissues surrounding muscles – they’ll help to relax the muscle and allow it to activate freely. Having supple muscle and tissue will boost your performance when exercising or competing and make you much less prone to injury. Oh and you’ll look great, everyday!



Rolling to cool down and massage muscle after you’ve been exercising will help to loosen those stiff muscles and soften pressure points. Your cool down routine is crucial when considering your overall performance and routine relaxes those muscles and prevents painful cramping and tightness. Loosening off those constricted muscles and releasing painful pressure points all enables your body to relax and prepare for the next session.

At GatorTail we feel very proud in the quality of the product we’ve created and specifically created it to surpasses all of its competitors in every respect both from a manufacturing quality perspective but also in ensuring it delivers extreme performance. We recognised that we wanted a roller to give a much more meaningful massage; really getting down deep into muscle and tissue and unlocking those sore pressure points. We also found we needed a longer roller to make it so much easier to use. We also have some big strong friends and so the design had to be able to bear their weight – more than any other on the market. Having created and given it a rigorous workout it we felt that it would be a shame to keep it all to ourselves…

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