The Amazing Benefits of Foam Rolling

The Amazing Benefits of Foam Rolling

It’s probably fair to say that foam rolling was shrouded in a little mystery, being confined to the realm of the mystical and mysterious and was seen strictly as a technique reserved and even preserved for professional athletes, coaches and therapists;. However, that’s now all changed as the understanding and use of foam rolling has been transformed into a worldwide practise as more and more people recognise the array of benefits it brings. At Gator we are now playing our part in developing much better quality rollers than have previously been available largely born though our own frustration as not being able to find the quality we wanted for ourselves and realising that there must be hundreds like us who wanted and often needed something better.

 It’s certainly true that people of every level of fitness are beginning to take notice and see exactly how foam rollers can improve their workouts and improve their overall increase fitness. Others are also using foam rollers to help ease sports injuries and tight muscles. It’s sometimes surprising to see peoples’ reaction that such incredible results can come from regular use of such a simple device. And equally that it can have such a range of benefits and not cost the earth.


Releasing tight muscle and massaging pressure points

Increasingly it’s becoming well known that foam rolling is essentially a form of self-massage. Foam rollers help to improve the elasticity of muscles and also improve soft tissue extensibility. This helps to relax the muscle and improve muscle performance when called upon for strenuous exercise. When we got into designing the GatorTail we were clear right from the outset that we wanted to create these really rugged alligator skin like ridges that would ‘get in there’. This digging deep into the muscle tissue gives the effect of a sports massage but without having to fork-out for every session. Once you’ve got your Gator you’re good to go.

Foam rollers can be used on a wide range of muscles in the legs, back, hips, arms and core muscles. All sports people, from pro to amateur even to beginners have found foam rollers to be incredibly helpful in training and recovery whether they can realistically expect to be a word champion or to make it around the block a few times. Lots of runners tell us that foam rollers are really working to ease muscle pain and tightness caused by the repetitive leg movements especially when they’ve been running on hard pavements.


Work out tool

Foam rollers not only help to ease muscle pain but are a really valuable tool in everyday exercise. The balance and the strength required to use a foam roller is a great workout for those core muscles that we should all be working on, and they are a handy tool for cross fit training too. It’s literally a case of thrown the Gator in its custom bag over your shoulder, jump on your bike and get down to the gym. Of course many of like to exercise in the privacy of our homes and for those perhaps with young children, to keep an eye on, going to the gym just isn’t possible on a regular basis. So the Gator goes some way to bringing the gym to you and the instruction videos also brings a fitness instructor into your home to show you how to get the most out of your roller.

The Gator Tail is revolutionising the foam roller world in much the same way that foam rollers revolutionised the exercise and sporting world. It’s a far more durable, tougher roller with deeper ridges for getting at the tightest of muscles. 

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