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Grey Boa Resistance Bands

Grey Boa Resistance Bands

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A set of 4 premium-engineered resistance bands, each one a different strength, designed to strengthen and tone muscles with carefully calibrated resistance. Perfect for a full-body workout, targeting specific muscle groups and improving flexibility and range of motion.


Resistance level

  • Tough 5lb
  • Tougher 8lb
  • Toughest 12lb
  • Total Animal 16lb

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen and tone muscles with precision using calibrated resistance levels
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion through a full-body workout
  • Target specific muscle groups for optimal results
  • Portable and versatile, use them at home, gym or on the go.

Product Details

Resistance strength

Tough - 2.3kg (5lb)

Tougher - 3.6kg (8lb)

Roughest - 5.4kg (12lb)

Total Animal - 7.3kg (16lb)


Crafted from the finest, premium-grade latex

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Length - 600mm loop

Height - 50mm

Thickness - 0.35/0.65/1.2/1.5mm

Weight - 10.5/19.5/36/45g per band

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