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Boa Resistance Bands

Boa Resistance Bands

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A set of 4 premium-engineered resistance bands, each one a different strength, designed to strengthen and tone muscles with carefully calibrated resistance. Perfect for a full-body workout, targeting specific muscle groups and improving flexibility and range of motion.


Resistance level

  • Tough5lb
  • Tougher 8lb
  • Toughest 15lb
  • Total Animal 21lb

Key Benefits

  • Strengthen and tone muscles with precision using calibrated resistance levels
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion through a full-body workout
  • Target specific muscle groups for optimal results
  • Portable and versatile, use them at home, gym or on the go.

Product Details

The Gator Tail is an extra long luxury deep tissue massage foam roller that gives ultimate pressure point muscle relief. Its 360º tough ridges work deep into tissue, allowing for harder workouts and faster recovery. With 20mm thick EVA foam, it's perfect for muscle pain, sports injury, P90X, cross fitness and more. It's tough and comes with a 12 month guarantee.


  • High density core construction makes the Gator the toughest roller available, able to support up to 270Kg
  • Thick 20mm ridged, 360° wrapping skin for extreme performance
  • Strategically placed gator bumps for targeted traction and pressure
  • Available in sleek black colour


Shipping & Returns

  • Free delivery on orders over £100
  • 12 month guarantee with free replacement for any product issues.


  • The Gator foam roller is the longest portable option available at 45 x 15cm
  • Its size allows for easy gripping, providing optimal performance during use.
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