The GatorTail story — it all started with a foam roller. If you ever used a flimsy, floppy foam roller then you know most exercise equipment is designed for a profit margin, not for a profitable workout. So right from the outset our mission was to create the sort of roller we wanted for ourselves but were unable to find because they simply weren’t available.

At GatorTail HQ in South West London our team of personal trainers, sports masseurs, and athletes have reinvented the foam roller. And the reason we went through all this trouble is because there’s one thing that makes the difference between an average workout and a professional workout — one of the best-kept secrets in sports is to give your muscles a deep tissue massage before you exercise to increase blood flow and prepare them for more strenuous activities. 

Our first baby hatched this year. GatorTail crawled out longer than the average foam roller and is the only one with a complete 360-degree hide of skin that’s made of deep and firm ridges that cover every square inch of the roller.  We call this the GatorSkin™. It delivers a deep and consistent massage to every nook and cranny of your muscles. With it’s longer length you can target any one muscle in your body, including your whole legs and back.

Unlike other rollers, GatorTails have a backbone and will not over-compress — they’re the longest portable foam roller available and still lightweight. Now you really can roll out relaxation anytime you need, before a workout or after. The GatorTail's backbone will support its shape for years and keep it from going flat.

If your workouts are hardcore, GatorTail is can keep up with your extreme performance — and it’s so light you can take it anywhere.

GatorTail personal trainers have created a series of videos that show you how use this new kind of foam roller to get the max benefits from all your exercise — these videos are waiting for you now in the GatorTail Club online which you can access instantly after purchase.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, an athlete, a national gym chain, a physiotherapist, coach or an occasional gym-user, the GatorTail is uniquely able to prepare you and your clients for great work-outs time after time and it won’t crumble, crack, split or crush in the process.

 Test your own GatorTail today and see why the science of myofascial release has been one of the best-kept secrets in sports.

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