RepTail Story

RepTail was inspired by nature's greatest survivor - the alligator - which has lived for over 65 million years. Able to live on both land and sea, in hot and cold climates, its secret is its ability to ADAPT to all conditions, using its tail to navigate away from its predators and towards its prey with ease and focus. 

Survival is in our DNA too, so we created a range of products to help you optimise muscle performance, so you can get better results in the sports you enjoy and adapt to the needs of your lifestyle, faster.

We can't promise to make you live forever, but we help you re-energise your body so you can do what you love, for longer.

RepTail has created the world’s best-performing muscle relief products & gives back to wildlife conservation with every product sold.

Our founder

Discovered that by releasing muscle tension in the body, she could accelerate her fitness level considerably.

As a former City lawyer and mother who experienced tight muscles and lower back pain, she struggled to find time for rehabilitation. Furstrated with the ineffective products that she had tried, she researched the market and discovered a lack of high performance foam rollers which was both comfortable and effective.

RepTail was then born to fill this gap with the goal of helping busy individuals alleviate muscle pain and regain energy through a range of top performing muscle relief products to create targeted workouts that fit around your lifestyle.

All of our products are designed to be easy to use, readily portable, stylish and to last the test of time.

Giving back to the wildlife

The brand name was inspired by how an alligator uses it’s tail to survive, by moving away from it’s predators and towards it’s prey. For every purchase made, we donate to the World Wildlife Organisation.

Uncompromising Quality

We are dedicated to the flawlessly crafting every aspect of our product, utilising only the finest standards in design, production and testing. Which is why we are happy to give you a 12 month guarantee on our Gators.